Why Us?

Our Profile and Our View:

Both operators at Cheestix Cafe, Arif and Laila Jamal  have successfully owned & operated Aunt Bobs Café at Kingsway Mall and Cheestix Café at Capilano Mall, for a span of over two decades.

We both have extensive experience and are certified with industry standard credentials.

Our mission is to provide a unique place to socialize over coffee in a comforting and relaxing environment while enjoying best brewed coffee and freshly baked pastries along with healthy meals.

Our friendly customer service and above average industry standards uniquely position us to be the go to choice for quick meals and convenience.

Great service, quick and easy access and pleasant atmosphere along with fresh food are the necessary ingredients for establishing a strong footprint with loyal guests which is what we intend to accomplish.

As a team we look forward to sharing our expertise and offer the same level of satisfaction to all the members employed at the Synergy Center in Sherwood Park, as well as extend our unique Café experience to all our guests that visit the Synergy Wellness Center.